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Bengaluru Police to recruit Stray Dogs for Cop Duty

Cops in Bengaluru are now enjoying their time at night. With whom? You may ask. With street....More

16th March 2020


Meet Sabysachi, a full-time artist, yoga therapist, choreographer, and animal lover. He loves....More

13th March 2020

Mini Vasudevan

Meet Mini Vasudevan from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. She is the co-founder of the ‘Humane Animal Society’....More

13th March 2020

Nevina Kamath

Meet Nevina Kamath, an environmental activist and an animal rights activist. She has done her Masters in Environment....More

12th March 2020

Jenny Leon Lopez

Meet Jenny Leon Lopez. Living currently in Bangalore, she describes herself as an activist, a humanitarian and animal rescuer of not....More

11th March 2020

Sujaya Jagadish

Meet Sujaya Jagadish, a stray dog activist, sorry, street dog activist. She loathes referring to street dogs as stray....More

11th March 2020

Radha Amarnath

Meet the founder of ASRA Animal welfare Organization, Radha Amarnath. She started....More

11th March 2020

Debadrita Jadhav

Meet Debadrita Jadhav, from the Animal Protection Organization by name, ‘Let's Live Together’. This NGO is dedicated....More

11th March 2020

An Activist who tags Street Dogs

We have seen or heard of accidents occurring on the streets where dogs or cattle suddenly come in front of....More

11th March 2020

BBMP License Fee Waiver for Indie Dogs Adoption

The focus is on incentivizing the adoption of indies and rescue dogs by waiving off the license fee. The idea is....More

10th March 2020

Police file FIR to probe Acid Attack on Stray Dog in Delhi

An FIR was registered for mischief by killing or maiming animals (429 IPC) and "Prevention of Cruelty to Animals" by....More

10th March 2020